About Us

Our Mission

Crowe Strategic Consulting (CSC) was founded by Martha Crowe, an executive with a vision: that one day the nonprofit sector would be a dynamic and innovative force that would draw the most intelligent, passionate, and hard-working people to its workforce. Partnering with other for-profit and nonprofit leaders, the mission of CSC is to strengthen national and local nonprofit agencies by improving their organizational health so that they can better serve their missions. We strive to empower mission-driven organizations to make significant and lasting impact on the causes they care about.

Our Values

At CSC, integrity is the foundation of our work, and we are guided by this set of core values:

  • We believe in helping good people do great work.
  • Our services are tailored to your unique needs.
  • We form enduring, genuine relationships with our clients based on honesty and respect.
  • We make effective, focused use of your time.
  • We deliver results.

Our Work

Our work focuses on these areas: People, Planning, and Communications.

Our Experience

CSC’s founder, Martha Crowe, has her Master’s Degree in applied child development from Tufts University and her undergraduate degree in anthropology from Boston University. She has nearly two decades of experience in the nonprofit sector and, with her colleagues, offers her clients a diverse range of services and expertise depending on their individual needs.

Martha’s expertise includes leadership development, coaching, staff management, program development and evaluation, project management, communications, fundraising, strategic and operational planning, organizational assessment, volunteer management, and staff recruitment. Before founding her company, Martha served for 14 years as the Vice President of Programs for the San Diego CASA program, Voices for Children, where she grew her team to over ten times its original size, created new recruitment, hiring and training protocols for employees and volunteers, developed seven programs, oversaw three major program evaluations, increased the number of children the agency was serving ten-fold, created a database to collect and analyze information about clients and volunteers, and headed the workplace excellence committee leading to the receipt of the Opportunity Knocks Best Place to Work award. She has also worked as a policy analyst for a think-tank in Washington, D.C., as a researcher at Harvard University, and as a social worker with abused and neglected children.

The greatest compliment Martha ever received in the workplace was when an employee told her that she had made a profound impact on the employee’s ability to recognize, believe in, and act on her own potential. It is Martha’s mission to do the same for mission-driven agencies across the United States.